Have your say about the theme of the 2019 End Poverty Day!

The 2019 End Poverty Day will take place in a few months, and you may already be preparing for it.

As it did it in 2018, a small group composed of members of the International Committee for 17 October met a few weeks ago to submit two proposals for next End Poverty Day theme. They took into account the fact that 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child.

In Ireland, we propose that you participate in a consultation stage. Your opinion and contributions, built on your experiences of presence and action with children, families living in persistent poverty, is needed.

Theme 1: “Ensuring the well-being of children by providing a safe ad sustainable environment”

Theme 2: “Empowering children to end poverty”
Q1: Which theme do you prefer?
Q2: What are the two main reasons why you prefer this theme?
Q3: Please tell us about one or two actions, activities you plan to pursue
or undertake to support or elaborate on the theme you have chosen as
your preference?

To inform your brainstorming about the theme in the Irish context, it is important to flag the fact that at the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Democratic Programme, the Irish Times with a few partner organisations launched: No Child 2020, an initiative to mobilise against Child Poverty.

We would appreciate your feedback by March 10.

Thank you in advance for your feedback! You can send it to committee@17october.ie committee@17october.ie