European Social Charter at the heart of next 17 October in Europe

Italian EU Presidency organises international Social Charter conference on 17 and 18 October 2014


An international conference, organised by the Italian government, will attempt to reconnect ‘Europe’ and its citizens by focussing attention on social rights and responsibilities.

The Italian Presidency of the European Union has provided an opportunity for the country’s government, the Council of Europe and the City of Turin to organise a conference on the European Social Charter, to be held in Turin, at Teatro Regio, on 17 and 18 October.

17 October is UN Day for Eradication of Poverty and 18 October is anniversary Day of signature of European Social Charter in Turin on 18 October 1961.

“Europe is perceived by its citizens as being remote from their everyday concerns,” reads a statement on the website of the European Social Charter.

“In order to regain its appeal Europe must focus on the fundamental values which are central to its mission to bring together states and their citizens and primarily on the European Social Charter.

“This treaty, a genuine social constitution for Europe,must be at the forefront so that Europe can once again count on the full support of citizens and the commitment of states based on the values of democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights.”

The conference will bring together policy-makers from the member States and institutions of the Council of Europe, as well as those of the European Union, to discuss the “relaunch of the normative system based on the Charter, with a view to its consecration as a source of international law – alongside the European Convention on Human Rights – to uphold the respect of all fundamental rights.”

Conference debates will focus on the integration between the law of the European Union and the provisions of the Charter, the judicial monitoring of its application, and the contribution of the Charter to “exit phase” of the economic crisis.

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