New 17 October Commemorative Stone in Glasgow, Scotland

ATD UK and many of its partner organisations in Scotland is delighted to announce that this week the new #HumanRights and #Poverty Stone including the #EndPoverty call to action and an explanatory plaque have been laid in George Square, Glasgow, at the base of the Sir Walter Scott Monument.

With their Scottish friends, ATD UK too would like to thank Glasgow City Council for permission for the new stone to be laid in a much more prominent and protected position.

Poverty is neither inevitable nor acceptable. The #HumanRights and #Poverty Stone is laid in the centre of 50 major cities around the world affirming the struggle, dignity and story of all those who live with it. And the responsibility of each of us to overcome it.

We hope citizens of Glasgow and visitors from around the world will soon be able to see the stone for themselves and to gather there on October 17 at 11.45am to celebrate together the 2019 United Nations International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.