The Equality & Rights Alliance Reports



The Irish Equality & Rights Alliance (ERA) was a coalition of over 160 civil society groups and activists seeking to ensure the promotion and enhancement of human rights, equality and social justice in Ireland.

The ERA formed in 2008 in response to the Irish Government’s proposal to merge the Equality Authority, the Equality Tribunal, the National Disability Authority, the Data Protection Commissioner and the Irish Human Rights Commission.

ERA as civil society coalition campaigned for an effective and independent equality and human rights infrastructure in Ireland. In 2018, the cuts and limitations in public or private funding opportunities prevented ERA to continue its activities. The coalition was winded up at the end of the year. The ERA website was closed early in 2019.

Many current members of the Irish 17 October Committee were members of ERA.

Today we are proud to host on our Committee website nine documents which are part of the Equality & Rights Alliance’s legacy.

2011 – ERA Roadmap

2013 – Underreporting and access to justice

2013 – Creating a strategic engagement

2015 – Equality and Human Rights: An Integrated Approach

2015 – A New Public Sector Duty

2016 – A Civil Society Guide to Public Sector Duty

2016 – An analysis of socio-economic status as discrimination

2018 – Engage for Change – Report

2018 – Engage for Change – A Training Module